1 to 1 consultation

  • Prior to our meeting, I will send you a short questionnaire for you to fill in and return.
  • During the consultation, we will go through more questions and analysis about your whole being: physical and emotional state, eating habits, family background, tastes, aspirations, sensitivity, iridology analysis, specific constitution, etc. It is a global investigation to find out who you are, why your body reacts in certain ways and what you could do to best support your body.
  • After the consultation, I will send you your own personalised program that will include a proper diet, herbal remedies and food supplements advice, exercises and relaxation techniques, and more.
  • Please note that a small charge will be applied (to be discussed prior to the consultation) for a home visit.
  • NB: the iridology analysis sadly cannot be done during a Skype consultation.


          First consultation (about 1.5 hours): £60 (online) / £70 (in person)

          (25% off the first consultation with discount code WELCOME25)

          Follow up (about 45 min): £35 (online) / £40 (in person)





  • Holistic massage

A delicious 90 minute massage with oils targeting your whole body from head to toe, leaving you completely relaxed and out of this world...


  • Tuina massage

An energetic, deep and more therapeutic massage aiming to balance the energies in your body using acupressure and a range of Chinese technical manipulations. About 60 minutes.


  • "Quick fix"

A shorter version of the Holistic massage (about 30 minutes), focusing on your head, shoulders and back, and still very much enjoyable. After this quick fix, you are good to go!


NB: please note that massages can only be booked as part of a Naturopathy consultation.



soak up the wild "lunch formula"

About 4 hours

Over a nice seasonal, organic and locally sourced lunch (vegetarian or vegan) that we will cook and eat together, we will talk about naturopathic diets with tips and recipes that I will provide.

Afterwards, we will proceed to a full naturopathy consultation (see above) and you will receive your personalised program in the following days.

You could also make it a full, indulging and delightfully selfish afternoon by adding a massage to finish the session, including a cup of herbal tea !

Contact me for further information and fares.

Soak up the wild "4 seasons formulA"

4 consultations to follow the changing seasons

The body is very sensitive to the changes in season, therefore it requires  specific care and attention, and different nutrients, depending on the time of year.

This formula gives you all that you need to nourish your well-being in the best way possible throughout the year.

The first consultation will follow the same scheme as any first consultation (see above) with a specific focus on the present season, the remaining 3 consultations then take place during the year (1 per season).

£ 120 (one free consultation - payable in one or two installements).